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Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Our Virtual Tax Preparation service is a BRAND NEW model of doing taxes.

We work with our clients to make tax filing super simple – the way it should be.

Just make a virtual appointment, collect your docs using our easy-to-follow checklist, and we’ll get your tax return done. Without having to leave your home or office!

Pricing starts at just $199 / appointment

Get ready for the easiest tax filing experience you’ve ever had.

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“I’m so excited to file my taxes!”

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Just seeing the word probably makes you feel crazy stressed.

We get it. As tax experts, we enjoy crunching numbers.

But we’re weird like that.


You just want to file fast and get your maximum refund ASAP.

Life is busy.

Don’t complicate it by wasting time with an in-person tax service.

Hire Dollars & Cents Mobile Tax and Accounting so you can live your best life while we take care of your taxes.

We walk you through the process

From Start to Finish

1. Make An Appointment

2. Use Our Easy-To-Use Checklist to Collect Your Docs

3. Come To Our Virtual Tax Office or Apply Now

4. Enjoy Quality Tax Strategy + Fast, Convenient Tax Prep


Virtual Tax Preparation Service

Whether you’re tired of playing “document tag” with your tax person or you’re just ready for a change in your tax strategy, we’re here for you with 100% virtual tax preparation services.

Old School In-Office Tax Service

Time wasted on travel, waiting rooms, and in-person consults.

Waiting days for responses to phone calls and emails.

Feeling stressed and frazzled collecting all of your paperwork.

You're bound to the tax agent in your neighborhood.

Dollars & Cents Tax & Accounting

Save time with 100% virtual filing.

Get all of your tax questions answered in face-to-face, live digital conversation.

Everything is virtual - including your docs.

Work with us no matter where you live.


You can count on

  • Take the Guesswork Out of Doing Your Taxes.
  • Easy and Affordable.
  • No Hidden Fees.
  • We Work Hard to Get Your Maximum Refund.
  • Faster Than In-Person Tax Services.
  • Expert Advice All Year Long.
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File your taxes

In as Little as 45 Mintues

Over the last 30 years, I’ve helped close to 200 clients simplify their lives with a stress-free tax filing experience.


Ready to say goodbye to that feeling of dread that creeps in around tax season?


Tired of low-quality online tax services that can't even answer simple questions about your return?


Interested in maximizing your tax-advantaged savings and investments with a professionally guided strategy?


Eager for a genuine relationship with your tax pro that will make reaching your long-term goals easier?


To meet your needs

Virtual Tax Prep

Tax services:


Basic W-2 returns


Basic 1099-R & SSA-1099

Virtual Dropoff Tax Prep Appointment

Fast tax service. 3-5 business days.


Complex tax situations


Business taxes.

Not sure what service you need?

Frequently Asked


What's the benefit of hiring you over using tax software or a free filing service?

Software and big-name filing services are cheap because they just process the data you enter – whether that data is accurate or not. Tax professionals like us know exactly what items should be included on your tax return. Even better, we often know to ask about things you may not have even considered, which translates to greater tax savings for you!

What kinds of tax strategies do you recommend?

Every client is different, so we employ different tax strategies depending on your unique situation. But regardless of your current situation, remember that a good tax pro will teach you how to strucutre things in your life to take maximum advantage of the tax code. Software simply can’t do what a quality tax professional can accomplish.

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