Kimberliann Chambers

IRS Enrolled Agent, Tax Pro, Cannabis Industry Expert, and Tax Business Mentor.

Dedicated to stellar tax service + helping entrepreneurs navigate today’s business challenges.

I’m on a mission to combine convenient digital tax prep with a personalized, authentic experience for my clients.


I’m Kimberliann


IRS Enrolled Agent


Founder and CEO of Dollars & Cents Mobile Tax and Accounting


Cannabis Industry Tax Expert


Tax Business Coach + Mentor

Don’t Work With a Tax Pro Who’s Indifferent to Your Story


We believe digital convenience doesn’t have to mean impersonal.

From basic seasonal tax prep for our local mom-and-pop to helping gutsy cannapreneurs from all over the U.S. grow their businesses, we pride ourselves on forging strong relationships with our clients, no matter their reach.

A second-gen Tax Pro on a mission to help my clients thrive.

I migrated to the United States from Jamaica when I was three. Although my parents were successful professionals in Jamaica, moving to America meant we had to start again from scratch.

While our new life in the U.S. was challenging, my parents were determined to succeed. They hustled hard, and by the time I was HOW OLD, Mom had earned her nursing degree, and Dad was an accountant with the IRS.

When the time for college arrived, Dad pushed me to get a degree in accounting. To say I was stubborn would be an understatement. I adamantly did NOT want to get an accounting degree! I mean…accounting? That’s pretty much the most boring job a person can have, right? In hindsight, though, Dad knew what was best. Today, I’m incredibly grateful for his guidance and tough love because I have a thriving business that lets me connect with amazing people daily.

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