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Frequently Asked Questions About Dollars & Cents Mobile Tax & Accounting

Frequently Asked


Can you do my books?

YES! And I can make sure they’re regulation compliant and clean.

I can also provide quarterly financial statements to show you exactly where your business finances line up. Hiring a professional bookkeeping service can be the difference between sleepless, stressful nights and the confident calm that comes with knowing your business is 100% tax compliant.

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How can you help me in the event of an audit?

It’s no secret that the IRS targets businesses for audits. That’s why it’s so critically important to make sure your business is 100% compliant with local and federal regulations.

The est way to prepare for an audit is from the start! We prep you for the day it happens as a safety measure because an audit can happen to anyone. If you are audited, we can support you in the preparation process and provide limited representation.

How much are your services?

A. Great question! Like any industry, cost for services depends on many factors. That’s why it’s important for me to meet one-on-one with potential clients so I can gain a deep understanding of your business and its needs. Click HERE to schedule a free consultation!

I want to hire you! What is the next step?

Frequently Asked


Virtual Tax Prep

How is virtual tax prep different from traditional, in-person tax prep?

When you work with our team, taxes is one less item on your to do list. It’s like tax prep on auto pilot!

What's the benefit of hiring you over using tax software or a free filing service?

Software and big-name filing services are cheap because they just process the data you enter–whether that data is accurate or not. Tax professionals like us know exactly what items should be included on your tax return. Even better, we often know to ask about things you may not have even considered, which translates to greater tax savings for you!

What kinds of tax strategies do you recommend?

Every client is different, so we employ different tax strategies depending on your unique situation. But regardless of your current situation, remember that a good tax pro will teach you how to strucutre things in your life to take maximum advantage of the tax code. Software simply can’t do what a quality tax professional can accomplish.

Some common strategies we

More importantly, a good tax professional will teach you how to structure things in your life to take advantage of the tax code – software doesn’t do that. Have a rental property? You probably want to look at forming an LLC. Already have an LLC? Perhaps you need to be an s-corp. Have a hobby that you’ve made money on? There’s probably a way to use that to your advantage.

Frequently Asked


Tax Business Coaching Program

How many tax professionals have you coached?

In the last 4 years, I have coached over 50 reps in a group setting and 1 on 1.

Does my business need to focus on virtual tax prep in order to work with you?

No, my methods will serve both business models. I personally speak to the flexibility of a virtual tax prep business because this is my preferred business model, but I have also run two physical offices. 

How much does your coaching program cost?

The cost is $2,497 with a limited time introductory offer of $1,497 for the first 15 students! Learn More to the Coaching Page.

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