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About Us

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Founder’s Bio

Kimberliann Chambers launched Dollars & Cents Tax and Accounting Services LLC to fulfill an ambition of operating her own business. She has over 20 years of increasing functional and leadership responsibilities in the commercial energy sector in accounting, business operations, and customer satisfaction. Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting, Masters of Business Administration, and Masters of Science and Taxation. She brings to her clients a drive for results, an eye for detail and a passion for exceeding their expectations.

What We Do

Dollars & Cents Tax and Accounting Services LLC provides a wide range of accounting and tax services that allow our clients to better manage their finances. We aim to offer the ideal tax solutions to individuals, business owners and independent professionals.

Our team of tax specialists is guaranteed to never let you down. The professionals who work for our company are vastly experienced and ethically-grounded. They possess the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively and efficiently provide for your tax or accounting needs without any hassles or delays.

Our Philosophy

We are enduringly dedicated to our philosophy which involves the application of principles such as integrity, precision and excellence. These core values have allowed us to gain the trust and loyalty of our clients and surely yours as well!

Integrity is offered to clients in the form of our highly-advanced and incredibly secure client portal which keeps documents safe. It is provided by our honest and dedicated staff who deliver services that are consistently in accordance with the highest standard of ethics and personal conduct.

Nothing less than detailed and accurate results are presented to clients. We pride ourselves in being able to offer reliable and precise data that are material, relevant, and faithfully represented.

The hallmark of our client relationships is professionalism. In everything we do, we always aim for excellence, providing outstanding results that will exceed client expectations and keep them coming back for more!

For concerns and inquiries about our agency and what we stand for, please get in touch with us today. You may call us at 888-365-2368 or send a message to